Post Conference Workshops
Wednesday, August 19

Workshop A

Natural History Studies: Looking Backwards to Move Forward
9:00 - 11:00

This session will look to highlight how using natural history studies and acquired learnings from drug development progress of the field can inform future decision making.

Harness the power of natural history research and rethink your approach to clinical
trial design to more confidently produce meaningful clinical endpoints.

Explore how collaborative approaches to natural history studies can reduce study
repetition and the burden placed on patients.

Workshop Leader:

Asif Paker

Asif Paker
VP Clinical Development
SwanBio Therapeutics

Workshop B

Identifying Meaningful Clinical Endpoints in Rare Metabolic Disease Trials
12:00 - 2:00

This workshop will look to explore how meaningful clinical endpoints can more confidently be identified in rare metabolic disorder trials.

Evaluate current clinical trial design and explore how a more ‘patient-centric’ focus can work to better identify and validate meaningful endpoints for the patient. Furthermore, discuss how therapeutic testing protocol can be better designed in order to develop a standardized methodology that more effectively tracks disease progression and therapeutic outcomes.

Workshop Leaders:

16080 - PaoloMartini.ModernaTherapeutics

Paolo Martini
Moderna Therapeutics

Asif Paker

Asif Paker
VP Clinical Development
SwanBio Therapeutics

Workshop C

Patient Access & Recruitment for Rare & Ultra-Rare Metabolic Diseases
2:30 - 4:30

As the rate of drug development for inherited metabolic diseases continue to increase, access to an already limited population of patients for clinical trials becomes progressively competitive.

This workshop will look to tackle the fundamental challenges that are associated with developing drugs for rare diseases with inherently low patient population numbers. Join this workshop to explore how industry and patient advocacy collaborations can work to maximize patient recruitment and retention. Further your understanding of patient eligibility for clinical trials to more confidently match the right patient to the right trial.

Workshop Leader:

Kevin Fowler - website

Kevin Fowler
The Voice of the Patient


Joslyn Crowe
Executive Director, National Niemann
Pick Disease Foundation


Jodie Gillon
VP Patient Advocacy & Clinical Affairs
Abeona Therapeutics