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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Inborn Error of Metabolism Drug Development Summit

The Inborn Errors of Metabolism team understands that there is still huge value to the inherited metabolic disease community in providing a platform for knowledge sharing and scientific corroboration. As such, the Inborn Errors of Metabolism Drug Development summit has returning to physicality for the 2nd year!

Join colleagues from across the inherited metabolic disease drug developer field and KOLs from industry, academia, and patient advocacy to learn how the major roadblocks to accelerated drug production are being overcome. This summit will serve as a discussion forum to look at where cutting-edge gene therapy modalities interact with existing treatment options, as well as how diseases can be best targeted to treat the huge unmet medical need for rare metabolic diseases.

The potential for biopharma to innovate, actively drive progress and change lives through the provision of treatments of various modalities is growing.

For the first time, the Inborn Errors of Metabolism Drug Development summit will look to examine how the experience within existing pharmacology for rare metabolic diseases can be leveraged with the drug development strategies of those pioneering gene modalities to improve efficacy, safety, and commercial viability.

This is your comprehensive guide to define your drug development path for 2021. Don’t miss out on your chance to network with industry leaders and be a part of the only enriched industry forum focused on accelerating the development of better effective treatments for inborn errors of metabolism.


Snapshot of Our World-Class Speaker Faculty

Hear What Attendees Say

“The quality of attendees are what make a great conference and the people attending this meeting were absolutely first-rate.

Adith Venkiteshwaran, Global New Product Planning, Rare Diseases, Sanofi


“This conference is a good opportunity for industry leaders to be able to come together and learn how different companies will tackle challenges from different perspectives, and it allows us to learn from each other”

Vivian Choi, Associate Director, Head of Gene Therapy Research, Shire Pharmaceuticals


"I really enjoyed the broad spectrum of topics that the conference covered and the networking opportunities"

Samantha Galuska, Senior Research Associate, Sanofi